The Göte on Board project's goal was to add play opportunities to the existing urban environments of Göteborg and to encourage different generations to engage with public spaces that are usually idle and playless. The aim of this "city-hacking" is to provide (primarily young) citizens with the opportunity to expand their comfort zone and the spheres to which they can connect and feel a sense of belonging.

As public transport vehicles hold untapped potential for widely accessible public play, the Göte on Board project was implemented on the trams of the city of Göteborg. The game I designed works with a simple visual addition to the vehicles: Göte, the main character of the game, is placed on the windows of the trams and when the journey starts, he begins to interact with the rolling cityscape...

The project hopes to shake up the ordinary daily routine of everyday commuting and invite different generations to engage and explore a new, fun perspective of the city.
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